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The Amitor Social Engine framework is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform created by Martín Paredes to allow for the quick deployment of a functional interactive branded social network. The framework provides the basic tools for a social network including permission-based user management and user content management tools including social media user engagement and interaction. As a framework, the end-user has the basic tools necessary to customize the end product to suit the community's needs.


These Help Pages are designed to answer the most common questions about this App. For specific questions or if you encounter a bug, please log in to the App and submit a bug report.

Getting Started

To get the most benefit from the App you must create an account. Depending on your user access level your login gives you additional options to create content and engage with this community's members. Use the Table of Contents below to quickly access the information you require.

Why are you asking for my telephone number?

We ask for your telephone number to ensure the security and integrity of our community. We use your telephone number only to authenticate you as a member. Unless you specifically give us permission we do not send you any text messages except for important messages such as a security code recover your password.



The author of the Amitor framework is Martín Paredes.


This software is the property of Martín Paredes (owner). Your right to access and use this software is subject to the applicable License Agreement, or Terms of Service, that exists between you and Martín Paredes, or Cognent, the exclusive service provider of this product. If no such agreement exists, you may not access or use this software for any purpose. This software may only be hosted at the locations specified in the applicable License Agreement or Terms of Service, and only for the purposes expressly set forth therein. You may not copy, modify, convert, create derivative works from or distribute this software in any way, or make it accessible to any third party, without first obtaining the written permission of Martín Paredes.

Version History

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